Ghaziabad Has A Hipster Cafe With A Library & Its Maggi Reminds Us Of The Hills

    Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad


    The Hipsters Cafe in Ghaziabad combines a few of our favourite things: a library, a small shelf full of travel gear we can buy and a menu inspired by the founders’ travels.

    Good Vibes Only

    Bhaskar has a graphic design background and together with his partner, Shatakshi, he first toyed with the idea of travel/outdoor gear. This, they realised, wasn’t the only thing they wanted. So, the idea of a space where the love for design, food and travel crossed paths, came about. And, The Hipsters Cafe was born.

    With its bare white walls, wooden benches, ancestral house type cane chairs and pine cones… This cafe really is Ghaziabad’s valuable contribution to hipsterdom, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say that it did make us sit up and take notice. In fact, the sheer expanse of white and a tiny green patch exude a sense of calm, making us want to slow down and just be kinder to the world. You know what we mean, right? You sure have been to cafes that bring out the nice in you.

    Their watermelon mojito, Mughlai chicken burger and Phaadon Waali Maggi are their star meals. The good folks also have a breakfast menu with toasts, porridge and more {none of their lazy neighbours do it for now apparently, so no competition}. If you’re not into espresso, they have Kit Kat, Oreo and other thick shakes. Or, sip masala chai and pick up one of their travel books.

    Bhaskar, in his typical warm hill person voice also told us that two people can eat a moderately filling meal for INR 400. Isn’t that sweet?

    So, We're Saying...

    A trip here isn’t just about getting your fill of caffeine. It’s basking in a community feeling, it’s meeting like-minded folks, it’s exchanging travel stories and perhaps, taking home a tart for your favourite person back home. Remember what we said about some cafes that bring out the innate niceness in you?

    Find out more about what’s cooking in their kitchen on their Facebook page.

      Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad