8 Gifts for Co-Workers Under INR 5000

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From the best of work friends to the awkward acquaintances, this list has the perfect gift for anyone. Browse through our selection of timeless, inexpensive online gift options.

Desk Trio Bundle (DailyObjects)

Desk Trio Bundle- Limited Edition


This DailyObjects bundle comes with a mousepad, laptop mat, and desk tray all in one. Make sure your colleague’s workspace is always neat and tidy by gifting them this set. Although it’s a fairly inexpensive purchase, it looks anything but. Anyone would be psyched to find this under the Christmas tree! The tray unbuttons to make it easier to clean, and all the products in the set are made of vegan leather.

Mini Exotic Chocolates Tasting Library- Artisanté

Mini Exotic Chocolates Tasting Library


Make your office mate’s mouth water with this delicious chocolate tasting library. These minis are bursting with an array of yummy flavours: Purple Haze, which is chocolate littered with berries, Rajputana, containing the best of traditional indian spices, Holi, white chocolate with rose petals and pistachios, Galactico, white chocolate with almonds and sea salt, and finally, Dominican, which is 70% dark chocolate with hints of volcanic black salt. Consider this a steal, as it’s priced at only INR 600! This gift screams expensive taste without the expenses. 

Fruit Skewer Bottle- bigsmall.in

Fruit Skewer Bottle


Someone at your office needs their thirst quenched, and these fruit infuser water bottles are the perfect solution. With a metal skewer attached to the lid, you can create a fruit kebab of sorts and add flavour to your water all day! We recommend using slices of lemon and orange for an added boost of potassium and Vitamin C. The bottle comes in three colours: turquoise, yellow, and peach. Buy now for INR 599.

BOLLTISTEL Weighted Bedspread- IKEA

BOLLTISTEL Weighted Bedspread


Everyone needs a big, warm hug after work, but it’s not necessarily in the cards for everyone. Buy your lonely friend this weighted IKEA bedspread for comfort and physical security whenever they need it. Its material draws moisture away from the body and into the fabric, so no more waking up sweaty in the middle of the night! (That also means you’re going to have to wash this thing a whole lot) Pair the product with some throw pillows and sheets to give your colleague a whole bed upgrade!

Ankle and Wrist Weights- Kosha Yoga

Ankle and Wrist Weights


Multitasking was everyone’s best friend during lockdown, so let your work buddy grow their gains while on Zoom with these ankle and wrist weights! Simply fasten them around the joints of choice, and literally just go about your day. The extra weight gives you a light workout, but if you want more than just strong forearms from typing with the bands on, try adding them to your pilates, yoga, or cardio workouts! They come in some really adorable pastel colours too: white, charcoal grey, mint, and baby pink. Shop for INR 3,499!

Mystery Bird (1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle)- Jigsaw Nation

Mystery Bird Puzzle


We all need a little bit of change in focus and relaxation, especially on work-heavy days. Help your coworker unwind with this Mystery Bird jigsaw puzzle from Jigsaw Nation. It’s got 1000 pieces, so it’s safe to say it’ll keep them occupied for a while, and might even be a good bonding opportunity for the family! It’s made up of beautiful dark green and purple hues, with hints of yellow for a little pop. Shop for INR 1,499 now.

4700BC Popcorn Combo Box

4700BC Popcorn, Malleswaram, Bengaluru


Spice up your colleague’s weekend movie marathons with 4700BC’s gourmet popcorn combo. This set includes three flavours: Hawaiian BBQ Cheese, Himalayan Salted Caramel, and Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate. If this popcorn isn’t enough to elevate any event, I don’t know what is. 4700BC has infinite flavours to choose from (if these three aren’t their thing), as well as the choice between microwavable instant popcorn and gourmet tinned. This pack of three tins is going for only INR 479!

LERBODA Photoframes- IKEA

LERBODA Photoframe


Looking for a present for a coworker you don’t know too well? This cute book-style gold photo frame from IKEA is a thoughtful gift for anyone. Let them showcase their cute family pics with a stylish flair. Or give them a pre-framed photo of your office Christmas party for lifelong memories. Shop for INR 499!


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