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Give Your House Some Character With These Products From Home Artisan

Urvee posted on 1st December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Home Artisan makes home decor products like photo frames, candle-ware, lanterns, linen, table lamps and much more…and each one is prettier than the next.

The Next Chapter

Started by Namrata Jain in 2015, Home Artisan has grown into a brand that offers stunning, super-modern decor products for your house.

You can either head to the website and check out the ‘chapter’s they’ve created — Ivory & Gold, Geometric & Christmas, currently — or shop across photo frames, accessories, candle-ware, linen, coasters, lamps and more at your leisure.

What We Love

We’re digging these copper candles {we’re suckers for chevron}, this black and white patterned cushion, and all these photo frames.

Most of all, though, we’re loving this pendant lamp; now all we need is a beautiful house to go around it. Sigh.

So, We're Saying

If you’re looking for a great statement piece, these are great options that aren’t too pricey either.

Check out their website here.

Home Artisan

Home Décor Stores