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Uzzuri Deli

Connaught Place
Casual Dining

Comfort Food from Around the Globe at Uzzuri Deli

Navni posted on 14th June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Situated right across Janpath market, Uzzuri is more than a generic bar in Connaught Place. The deli-style food is delicious; drinks are well-balanced and the ambience is for everyone. The styling and service make this place a popular choice for post-office meet-ups.

Chow Down

Holy Basil Chicken, Belgian Braised Pork Ribs

Sip On

Green Glory, Jameson’s Old Style

Winning For

The mixologist here takes home the prize for probably some of the best drinks served in CP. Live music here is also a plus {though it doesn’t happen all the time}.

Vintage And Contemporary

Divided between two floors, Uzzuri has a family area on the ground floor, while the upper floor is a cocktail bar that mixes contemporary styling with plain wooden furniture. Music is not loud at all {and the playlist here is diverse}.

The space, every once in a while, has live performances; and there is nothing better than sipping on some incredible cocktails, having a conversation and listening to amazing acoustic melodies.

World Food And Delicious Cocktails

The menu here is limited in comparison to other joints around, but whatever they serve is a winner in terms of quality and portions. We started with a portion each of Chicken Burger Shorties, Holy Basil Chicken and baked nachos, and were surprised with the quick service. The Holy Basil Chicken was tender, well-spiced and the perfect thing to start with, Chicken Burger Shorties were filling, and baked nachos complemented them pretty well.

Next up, we ordered the Belgian Braised Pork Ribs with a Jameson’s Old Style and a Green Glory. The pork was succulent, tender and became our instant favourite. We loved both the drinks too, but will definitely recommend the Jameson’s Old Style above everything else. A mix of Jameson’s hinted with orange peel and balanced with angostura bitters, it is the perfect drink for not just whisky lovers, but for those who do not really want a bitter-tasting potent drink.

The Scottish creole salmon is our recommendation from the mains.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you’re not really a party animal and prefer a quiet place to just relax with your buddies, Uzzuri has you covered. We would recommend making reservations as the place tends to fill up post office hours and people don’t leave too quickly {for good reason}.

More Information

Uzzuri Deli

Casual Dining
Connaught Place

1/3, Scindia House, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Uzzuri Deli

Connaught Place
Casual Dining