By Namrata Juneja

As much as we love to surround ourselves with rich, sumptuous treats – be it in celebration or when we’re drowning in sorrow {it doesn’t really matter, we just need an excuse}, there are times one must exercise self-restraint. This is usually because we stop for a moment and notice our ever-expanding waistlines or perhaps we realise the need to nurture our systems, not abuse them. You know how they say your body is a temple…?

Now before you assume this means all health and no taste, we’d like to introduce you to Gourmet Medleys. Sanchita, the mastermind behind the brand, believes {just like we do}, that indulgence is necessary, but she’s come up with a whole range of goodies that will add value to your body instead of calories. She focuses on three types of products and switches up their ingredients for variety – cookies, fudge and papris. With them on our radar, we have a reason to indulge, worry-free again.

Their flaxseed cookies with honey are perfect for when you need a little sweet kick, and they’re loaded with omega 3 and lots of fibre. And if you happen to be lactose-intolerant, fret not. With their vegan and gluten free fudge, you can still indulge that sweet tooth.

As for when your palate craves a crunchy, salty snack, you can opt for their Chia seed cookies, or one of the papris in different flavors. They’ll send you down memory lane, back to times when your grandmum used to pack homemade goods for a long road trip. Good times.

Price: INR 150- INR 350 {approx.}

Contact: To place orders, call them on 09810116589

For more information, and updates, visit their Facebook page here.