Throw Out Your Excuses & Make Better Food Choices With Go Gourmet

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Go Gourmet has a neat little café in One Horizon, but you know what? They also deliver. You now have officially no reason to not eat healthy.

Gluten-Free Goodies

Today, one in every five people is either gluten intolerant or vegan {this might not be a fact, but it sure feels like it’s true}, so when we see gluten-free and vegan options at a restaurant, we quickly make a mental note for when in need. Go Gourmet has some good vegan-friendly and gluten-free drinks, like their Almond Milk Cold Coffee which, even to us non-vegan folks, tastes good.  Their Quinoa with Garlic Tossed Veggies and Vegetable Coastal Curry will be winning many dietary-restricted hearts.

Beverages With Benefits

You’ll totally find the usual suspects like cappuccinos and kadak chai. But we were happy to see Golden latte {turmeric milk – why not just call it that, eh?} and some antioxidant-enriched teas on the menu.

They do healthy desserts too. It’s everything we ever wanted for the health food industry {thank you God for listening!}. Peanut butter bars and parfaits #FTW! What we’re really looking forward to is spending our summer days with their Mango Sticky rice.

But…Yes, There’s A But

You can’t expect everything to be available at all hours at Go Gourmet, which is odd and inconvenient if you’ve made a special trip to the place. They say because they only keep just enough stock {what is enough though?} to ensure freshness. Perhaps these are teething problems – at least we hope so. We suggest you call in advance if you have something specific in mind.