Go Minimal Chic With Diane Singh's Jewelry

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    What Makes It Awesome

    First off, apologies for the Instagram-sourced images; I get super awkward taking selfies, which left me with counting on good ol' IG to showcase Diane Singh's stunning, super-minimal jewelry. I discovered this brand on my last trip to Jaipur Modern {one of my favourite multi-brand stores in Jaipur}.

    I picked up a ring {first one pictured, but with a maroon stone}, a necklace {also pictured} and these really cool lobe-earrings {the ones that crawl up your earlobe}. I don't like wearing too much jewelry, so whatever I buy is in the general territory of being as minimal as possible. I love Diane Singh's Jewelry for its simplicity - small semi-precious stones, thin strings and elegant cutwork.

    She's reasonably well priced, too.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Check out her collection on Instagram. You can even drop by Diane Singh's store in Jaipur {which has been around since 2012} to pick up some gorgeous pieces for yourself.
      Available Online