Visit Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy In Sector 15 For Epic Indie Cocktails

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What Makes It Awesome

I've heard about this place quite a few times and finally, I went to this retro-themed dingy bar in the basement and yes, it lives up to your expectations once you're there. It has an awesome retro-themed ambience, blue genre music in background and most awesome - super delicious cocktails and food. We started with the basics - mojito and scotch julep and you will not be disappointed with the amount of alcohol they put into cocktails. They know how to serve cocktails with perfection and their food is also quite awesome. We also ordered fish 'n' chips and salad and it was okay-ish. Loved the food and by the time we were finished with our drinks we got the lovely buzz that is expected from cocktails.

Also, the ambience of their bar gives you a very American bar feeling {Plus, trust me if you've been to America before this bar will transfer you right there with its buzz and jazz}. The place gets crowded in the evening but you can always enjoy your drinks on bar counter {my preference for drinks always}. Head to this bar if you are a cocktail lover.

What Could Be Better?

Space is a constraint here as the spot is always crowded with people, even on weekdays, let alone weekends.

What's My Pro Tip?

Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy has easy hours {in which they have 1+1 on drink} between 5pm and 8pm.

Anything Else?

Must try their flatbreads, they're that awesome.

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