Ten-Second Takeaway

Craft Village is organising a Phoolon Ki Diwali workshop on Sept 25, where the participants will discover the many ways in which fabrics, wrapping paper, lace, ribbons, threads and the like can be used to create cutesy planters.

Wake Up That Inner Artist

If you’re a fan of DIY and want to make attempts at saving the environment, hop over to the lovely Craft Village. They’ll provide pots and plants, fabric and ribbon, message tags and other decoration material along with the necessary guidance to help you turn those things into wrapped, Diwali-ready presents.

We’re just thinking how cool it’d be to not spend money on hipster stores making similar stuff. Plus, we won’t be adding to the already crazy pollution levels in the city.

Dress Them Like Divas

Your popularity will skyrocket when people you love are treated to these beauties that you’ve created with your own nimble hands. After you come back home wiser {and more creative, hopefully}, you can use all your free time working those decoration hacks to customise individual plants.

In fact, this skill will come in handy every time you’re struggling with last minute birthday, anniversary and make-bestie-happy gifts.

But there’s a price you pay for such things: INR 2,000 for this day long workshop where tea/coffee and juice will come to you when you’re working hard on getting the glue to work on trinkets. Also, bear in mind that the registrations will close on Sept 15.

Want to do this? Book your spot here.

Featured photo source: Pixabay