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#GoHereEatThis: 6 Things You Must Try From Molecule's New Vintage Nostalgic Menu

Shilpi posted on 26 September

Ever since Molecule opened its doors in Gurgaon, it has been the talk of the town when it comes to molecular gastronomy. And their latest menu, with an alluring spin to their dishes and drinks, has taken things up a notch! Here’s everything that we tried and loved from their Vintage Nostalgic Menu!

Shot of Nostalgia

If you’re going for desi delights, know that their twists on some of the local favourites are quite refreshing–like their version of “Banta Shots”. Covered by a thin membrane with chaat masala sprinkled on top, these jelly-like shots will burst the second you pop one in, filling you up with a kiddish excitement that’ll take you right back to your childhood.

Summer In Vietnam

Wrapped in edible paper, “Rice Paper Summer Rolls” are a modern rendition of their Vietnamese counterparts. Healthy and delicious isn’t a very common combination, but these folks have somehow managed to do that. Stuffed with pickled vegetables and topped with mango sweet chili sauce, get ready for a whirlwind of flavours with every bite.

Chaat On The Beach

Combine the sunny beaches of Miami with the hustle-bustle of Chowpatty (especially around a chaatwala bhaiya) and voila - you have yourself a “Chaat Island.” It’s your basic Indian chaat, but with an American beachy vibe. Sweet corn chaat with peanut masala, nacho sand and spicy blue mango chutney - it’s a treat for your eyes and your palate.

Yummy Lump of Coal

Didn’t think a black lump of coal could be so delicious, but we were proven wrong all thanks to their “Edible Charcoal”. Bite right into their ambrosian version of dahi kebabs which are coated with activated charcoal and served with some lava ash (JK it’s tomato chutney powder).

Pao Bhaji 2.0

Another treat to the eyes (get your phones and get ready to Instagram), the “Pao Bhaji Fondue” is no less than the piece of heaven on a plate. Their creamy butter bhaji with crispy, square-cut pieces of buns is definitely on our list of reasons for our next visit to this place. 

Kulfi With A Touch Of Italy

Indian, Italian or American, no meal is complete without a sugar rush. Dive right into the “Kulfi Panna Cotta Falooda” - kesar pista kulfi panna cotta served with falooda noodles, basil seeds, rose syrup and nuts. A beloved Indian dessert turned into Italian panna cotta, this Indo-Italian fusion has managed to keep all the flavours intact but with a completely new texture. 

Right from the rustic ambience to a happening vibe, unique dishes and potent cocktails - the Vintage Nostalgic Menu was an epicurean feast. Feast on this progressive yet nostalgic menu because it will take your molecular gastronomy experience to a whole new level. So gather your friends and family and head over to Molecule!

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