#GoHereEatThis: Banh Mi {Sandwiches} At Bamboo Boat

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Bamboo Boat has been wooing Gurgaon residents with its range of Tibetan, Himalayan and Korean fare for a while. And whereas we’re all for the Onigiri and kickass Ramen burger, we’re currently drooling over their banh mi: Vietnamese baguette-style sandwiches.

Eat What?

We are superfans of the Pulled Pork Banh Mi; an ensemble of tender shredded pork {meat floss} in combination with pickled vegetables, mushroom pate, spicy mayo, cilantro and a drizzle of chilli oil inside a soft baguette.

And while we’re keeping our distance from meat, it’s the Eggplant Banh Mi which gets us off. It involves pretty much the same preparation as the pulled pork, except the meat is replaced by large chunks of grilled eggplant. Yum yum.

Pair It With?

Bamboo Boat’s Vietnamese Cold Coffee! Served in a convenient plastic bottle, this coffee is super strong and very mildly sweetened. Perfect for getting out of those moments of lethargy.


 Do call in advance and ask for their pina colada rum-infused cake, just in case you have a sweet tooth.


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