#GoHereEatThis: Delish Pork Belly For Only INR 180 At Big Fat Sandwich

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We couldn’t believe it when we saw it on the menu of Big Fat Sandwich, one of our most favourite sandwich places: Pork belly for only INR 180. Of course we had to eat it.

Gettin Piggy With It

Called The Forbidden Belly {so cute} these are slow-cooked pieces of pork that have been caramelised on the grill. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’ve eaten better pork belly, but these still manage to tick all the right boxes:

They’re super soft, and have a great meat to fat ratio—the fat is the best part of pork IMHO—they’re tasty AF, the sauce is perfect, and they make for a great pit stop meal when shopping; perfect to get that energy back up.

Pair It With

Their citrus squeeze, if you like citrus-y flavours, or a shake, if that’s more your jam. Of course, don’t forget to pick up one of their amazing sandwiches—check out our favourites here.