Equipment, Etiquette & Where To Play: The Golfing 101 Guide You Need

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Golf sounds frightfully complicated to the unaware. So, we took help from pro-golfer Kanishk Madan and avid enthusiast Arjun Talwar to help fill the nine holes in our guide.

What To Know

Levels: There are three levels of golfers – Junior and Sub-Junior, Amateur and Professional. The Professional Golf Association (PGA) of India is sort of like a central governing body that handles all Indian golfers.

Investment: From coaching classes and attire, to equipment and club charges, it can easily set you back by INR 60 – 70,000 and more. 

Activity: Golfing requires you to be super fit. This includes strong hip muscles, flexible hamstrings and a stable back.

Dress Code: Most clubs and courses follow strict rules about how you’re supposed to be dressed. Golf style almost always involves a collared shirt, a visor or cap, pants, and sneakers, ultimately graduating to golf shoes. Remember to use sunblock if it’s a hot day, and a good rain jacket for wet conditions. 

Golfing Etiquette

Starting off, be mindful of the following things:

Don’t lag behind: This doesn’t mean you need to rush, it just means when it’s your turn to swing, take one or two practice shots and go for it.

Pecking order: Generally, the player with the best score on the previous hole gets to go first, but this can vary from group to group, so it’s important to get a sense of how your group plays, and wait for your shot.

The course: Find out where you’re allowed to drive your cart (not allowed on the putting green). Also, if you end up taking out a piece of turf while hitting a shot, try and fix it back in its place, or fix the hole with some seed mix.

Watch yourself: Watch where you’re standing. A good rule of thumb is to stand to the side and slightly behind the ball; golfers don’t enjoy anyone interfering with their shot.

Golf Courses In The City

Most clubs are member exclusive, but allow non-members to book a session at a fee. We recommend getting in touch with your club of choice beforehand.

Jaypee Greens

Jaypee Greens in Noida is an 18-hole course and the only Greg Norman (professional Australian golfer) designed golf course in India. Even though non members can pay a fee and play golf there, members enjoy privileges such as swimming pool, gym, sauna, etc.

Unitech Golf & Country Club

Unitech Golf & Country Club is a members only, nine-hole course and has the maximum number of bunkers you can find in a nine-hole course across the city. It is a prime location being very close to places like Great India Place Mall, DND Expressway and Botanical Garden Metro Station.

Noida Golf Course

Noida Golf Course is an 18-hole par 72 golf course again located very centrally in Noida. This allows both members and non members to play. In fact, if you know a member there or a guest of one of the members there, you will be able to avail discounts. Even professional players can play at lower rates.

Delhi Golf Club

This is an iconic golf course established in the 1930's. It’s centrally located and comprises the Lodhi Course (part of the Asian PGA tour) and the shorter nine-hole Peacock Course. Unfortunately, it is open to only the members.

Air Force Golf Course

The course runs parallel to a race track and a polo ground, so you can add horses to your list of visuals while you play a round. Foreigners need special permission to be able to use this course. This is an exclusive course where you need to be a member and you can only be a member if you have served in the air force.

DLF Golf & Country Club

This 18 hole Championship Course has the Aravali range as a backdrop, and is designed by Arnold Palmer, generally regarded as one of the greatest pro-golfers. It has two different golf courses - Gary Player Course and Arnold Palmer Course (where you can play golf even at night) and is only open for members.

ITC Classic Golf Resort

The first Jack Nicklaus course in South Asia, the course comprises 27 holes of three nines each (The Ridge, The Valley and The Canyon). This course is located an hour from Gurgaon, so it’s ideal for a short weekend golf getaway because once you are done playing gold you can relax by the luxurious amenities provided by ITC. 

Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort

A nine-hole course, Tarudhan also has a driving range, a putting and chipping area and a pro shop. Another great option for a weekend dedicated to playing golf, since it’s located an hour away from Gurgaon. You don't have to be a member, just an enthusiast.

Qutab Golf Course

It is the first public golf course developed in the country. What started as a nine-hole course, became an 18-hole course in 2002. There is also a 250-yard driving range, and they also offer training facilities. It opens at 6am, so start your day right! Though it is closed on wednesday.

Siri Fort Sports Complex

Siri Fort Sports Complex offers a driving range, and a pitch and putt course available to both members and non-members. The non-members are required to pay a certain amount of fee if they wish to play. The complex is closed on every Monday.


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