The Good Food Company For A Meat And Dal Meal

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Re-discover classics and fall in love with perfectly crafted gourmet goodness from another world at The Good Food Company {TGFC} in Gurgaon.

Food From The Frontier

On first sighting, the rather elaborate but focussed menu from The Good Food Company seems familiar, and stars some eternal Punjabi favourites. Closer inspection though reveals some lesser known gems, culled from age old recipes from the erstwhile undivided Punjab, with a special focus on the North-West Frontier Province.

The emphasis on technique and attention to detail is apparent, and shines in the Amritsar-style Saag Meat, a dark forest green melt in the mouth and spiced right treat we sampled. We also loved the very meaty and roughly minced {and gently spiced} Peshawari Chapli Kebab, that were crisp outside but very tender inside.

We have also bookmarked the Maas ke Soolay, Lahori Nalli Nihari and the very tempting Sikandri Rann for a later indulgence session.

Creamy, Spicy & Everything Nice

It’s not all meat at TGFC though. There is a fairly elaborate and intriguing vegetarian selection. Both the Circa 1965 Ki Daal Makhani and the North-West Frontier Makhani Paneer are open to a cook-off challenge, and we can see why. Rich but not overwhelming, and with the perfect melange of spices, both had a comforting mouth feel and paired like magic with the accompanying paranthas.

The Good Food Company has some sweet surprises as well, and we did greedily eye the Salted Caramel Rasgulley and the Shahi Tukda Paan Bahaar.


TGFC is perfect for catering and house parties and specialises in large order deliveries. Also, their poultry dishes can be made with chicken, duck or quail {with adequate notice of course}.


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