Gopala in Gurgaon For Dhokla, Rasgullas And Other Snacks

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Gopala excels in high quality, pure milk products, ranging from paneer to mithais. Their expansion into sweets and savoury has been very fruitful {for us}, and they’ve managed to gain quite a following.

Chow Down

Rasgullas, dhokla and Dehraduni Rusk

The rasgullas at Gopala aren’t quite as traditional as the popular Bengali sweet. They are the Punjabi version; significantly lower in sugar {one of the main reasons we love them so much} and larger in size. The texture is spongy, light and slightly chewy, and makes for the perfect summer dessert.

The dhokla is soft and spongy,, garnished with chillies, coriander and mustard seeds, and perfectly spiced. Their Dehraduni Rusk from the confectionery section is a great accompaniment to morning tea. It is flavoured with saunf and nicely toasted, setting it apart from the other rusks you usually get in the supermarket.

Sip On

Pick up their dairy products and make some nice buttermilk at home!

What We Loved

Fresh products are sourced every morning to ensure you get the best quality possible. Their service is quick, despite the shop always being crowded.

What Didn't Impress Us

The shop overtly smells like ghee, which isn’t very pleasant for most people. The breads aren’t that great, either, and could definitely do with a better, more doughy texture.

Best Time To Visit?

Definitely morning, when you can grab all that you want right off the delivery trucks. Get there as early as possible, as there’s a high probability that their best products will be over by mid-day.


Give your usual yellow butter a skip and try their white butter to top your paranthas.


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