Got A Massive Sweet Tooth? These 4 Food Trucks Are Great For Grabbing Dessert

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‘Stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘desserts’ and we donut care if this comes off as too cheese-cake-y because life goes past in a sugar rush. These 5 food trucks in Gurgaon are great for satisfying your sweet tooth – one dessert at a time.

Waffle Chowk

Quite possibly the best waffles in Gurgaon, this ‘dessert’ deserves to be a meal on its own. This food truck, with its constant clamouring crowd, has been in Sector 29 for a very long time and has made a mark.

Thick, fluffy waffles, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, we fell in love with the Nutella Brownie Waffle. Super generous with both Nutella and ice cream, this dessert is pure indulgence.

P.S. They even make eggless waffle sandwiches!


This colourful Cyber City favourite instantly attracts you with its adorable ice cream sticks. Cat-shaped, twister and paw-shaped, these ice cream sticks are heavenly on a hot day. The super Instagrammable dessert comes in flavours like Pawffee, Paan Freeze or a classic Belgian chocolate Chocosnuggle that’s served in a red waffle cone!

Tongue Twisters

Boasting a wide range of great desserts, Tongue Twisters offer 31 flavours of ice cream including Honey Lemon Ginger, Pina Colada, Guava with Namak Mirch Topping and Rose Petals. You can even get ice cream shakes, brownies, blueberry cupcakes, the very popular Baked Alaska and the Chocolate Box.

So, if you want something fun and off-beat, look for this slightly elusive truck.

Pop Stick Pop

New cream on the Sector 29 block, Pop Stick Pop does ice cream sticks a little differently. If you’re a fruit lover, you could go for the fruit sorbet ice candies which are fat and dairy-free {made with fresh fruits}. Available in flavours like Alphonso, Lemon Ginger Mojito, Kiwi Mint and Passionfruit, these are super refreshing!

They also have artisanal, creamy pop sticks such as the Raspberry Cream Cheese and Dolce Latte Caramel which can be dipped or drizzled with a chocolate dip of your choice and coated in toppings like almond, pistachio, or chocolate sprinkles!

P.S. They also provide catering for all sorts of events.


Chronic oversized t-shirt wearer and unapologetic pundamentalist, Vatsala Peshawaria often cannot resist food long enough to take a picture.