Grab a Bite At These Eateries

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Thinking about something synonymous to malls? Well, for some of us, it's shopping. For the rest, it's FOOD! Check out these amazing options ranging all the way from fine dining to all-for-dessert options. 

Punjab Grill

Biryani, tikkas and tadkas your thing? Then Punjab Grill is where you should head for some great vegetarian fare, including Paneer Tikka Multani, Lababdar and Tandoori Broccoli.

Burma Burma

With their fine range of teas like Siphon {exclusive to Burma} and drinks like the Pomegranate & Mandarin Spritzer, Kaffir Lime Cooler, this restaurant is all set to take over the city {hopefully soon}. We’re just waiting for them to open in Saket, so that we can hog on multiple scoops of their Avocado Ice Cream, Durian Ice Cream {yes, they get it right!} and more exotic desserts.

Yum Yum Cha

Yum Yum Cha is a cute, colourful cubby hole at Select City Walk that serves up ‘little bundles of {Pan-Asian} joy, and huge bowls of happiness. The menu has been crafted with love and precision; which has become the signature of mastermind Varun Tuli, who has been changing the way Delhi dines and parties through Yum Yum Tree, and impeccable bespoke catering services respectively.


Mamagoto is in constant innovation mode and if you look back on their trajectory, they pretty much-pioneered meals in a bowl with their Chiang Mai Train Curry and that entire section of the menu. Apart from the innovation, it's how true they remain to real Asian flavors with fresh ingredients and authentic preparations. This time around, they're stepping into summer with the Mama's Bowl Manifesto, a selection of meals in a bowl that focuses mainly on regions of China.

Andrea's Eatery

Andrea’s Eatery is done up in an inviting color palette – expect earthy browns and warm reds. The open kitchen is further adorned by a wall of jars and bottles.

When it comes to the menu, look forward to Caramel Pork. And if you still need more after that, there’s Fish Koliwada Burger, Shakshuka Eggs and Shish Taouk.


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