Feel Good & Sip On This Organic Saffron-Rose Infusion

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Feel Good Saffron-Rose Infusion

Feel Good Saffron-Rose Infusion

The Green Sense is a brand that’s all about organic food products! I tried out their Feel Good Saffron- Rose Infusion and here’s what I have to say-
1. I absolutely loved that their ingredients are so simple. It has organic saffron, rose petals, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and jaggery. It sounds like a perfect winter morning beverage!
2. It’s really healthy.
3. it’s super easy to prepare, and not at all time-consuming. And the preparation smells heavenly! When you put the mix in hot water, don’t forget to take a whiff.
4. I am not a hot beverage person, but I think this will be perfect for someone who loves green teas, and healthy teas in general.

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