Ten Second Takeaway

Pooja Singh makes small ecosystems in glass jars, that are self-sustaining and need little to no care at all. The best part? These tiny worlds are gorgeous to look at, or keep on your windowsills.

Terrarium territories

What is a terrarium, you ask? Well basically, a small ecosystem in a glass jar. The closed jar helps the plants create a water-cycle of their own and is thus, self-preserving. The moisture released by the plants condenses on the walls of the jar and rains back into the soil. It’s basically our water-cycle reduced to that of a tiny glass globe. Impressive right?

Back in the day

ozzie2Coming from Allahabad, Pooja Singh grew up in a large ancestral house with gardens and huge trees all around. Her childhood love for plants motivated her to read a lot about gardening and new techniques, and soon she stumbled across terrariums. Terrariums are an age-old art, and only a couple of people across India are actually making these {and a couple others in Delhi}.

So, Pooja started with small basic jars that she had around the house, and since she’s always grown a lot of her own plants, she picked what she knew.

Why so much love?

Because anyone who has ever wanted to have plants in their homes, can now get the best of both worlds, even with limited spaces, time or lack of a green thumb. Terrariums can even thrive in neglect, so they make for amazing gifts {since even with minimal care, they can last you a lifetime}.

Pooja uses a bunch of different jars, so there’s a lot to choose from. She also designs conservatories, landscapes and terrace gardens, in case that’s something you’re looking for, too.

Ozzie’s Terrariums delivers within Delhi NCR, so check them out soon!

Where: B-112, Sector 41, Noida

Nearest Metro Station: Noida City Center

Price: INR 950 to INR 15,000

Timings: 11am – 6pm {Monday to Saturday}

Contact:  +91 9810255581, +91 9818437199

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