Greenery in Glass Globes? Check Out Ozzie’s Terrariums

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    Pooja Singh makes small ecosystems in glass jars, that are self-sustaining and need little to no care at all. The best part? These tiny worlds are gorgeous to look at, or keep on your windowsills.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Coming from Allahabad, Pooja Singh grew up with immense love for the gardens, trees and all things green, which made her stumble upon the age-old art of creating terrariums. She began with smaller,basic jars at first and now makes them in multiple shapes and sizes. 

    We love that they’re so convenient to maintain. Anyone who has ever wanted to have plants in their homes, can now get the best of both worlds and invest in these; it doesn’t matter if you have limited space, time or lack of a green thumb. These green beauties can even thrive in neglect, so they make for amazing gifts too. 

    Pooja also designs conservatories, landscapes and terrace gardens, in case that’s something you’re interested in. Otherwise, if you wish to request a customisation, that’s possible as well. 

    What Could Be Better

    While online ordering IS an option (you’ll have to go through the pictures on her Facebook/Insta feed, call her up and then order, which is a tad cumbersome), we were told that making the trip to her gorgeous Noida conservatory in-person is much better, and will give you a better idea.