Low On Oil & So Yummy: Check Out This E-Store For Homemade Pickles

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What Makes It Awesome

We're sure you're sailing the same boat with us when we assume that you need to have some pickle with any home-cooked meal you enjoy, right? Well, we've got news for you. We recently found this online brand called Guthli that does yum, organic achaars of which we can't wait to sample all the flavours. 

Guthli has flavours such as nimbu, hing aam, mix veg, tomato, hari mirch, amla, kathal, among others. What's best about the brand is that with the flavours, they haven't experimented much in order to keep the authenticity of the flavours intact which I personally like. I can't imagine having, for instance, nimbu-kathal achar, can you? I mostly keep the experiments for once in a blue-moon and I try to stick to the common flavours as much as possible. My khichdi is certainly incomplete without them. 

Also, even better is that all these pickles are home-made by Guthli and you'll notice very less oil (which is great, right?)

So, go, order right away!


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