Ten Second Takeaway

Guys and Dolls is your one-stop-shop for all alteration needs, like length modifications, tightening and basic fitting for clothes of all kinds.

Fit stop

The tailors at Guys and Dolls have come to our rescue time and again. Whether you need help getting your trousers to your exact shape and size, your linen shirt to gain a more ‘tailor-made’ appearance, or your tube dress to actually stay in place, they’re your guys {and dolls}.

We especially dig their skills with denim. We’ve gone to them with jeans which were too tight at the waist, and they’ve managed to stretch them out, add some unnoticeable fabric and make them fit like new. Similarly, they can transform an old baggy pair into slim fits. We also suggest bookmarking them for all the clothes you impulsively buy from Sarojini Nagar which end up looking like unflattering potato sacks.

New hues

The peeps at Guys and Dolls also make new clothes and have been known to create neat dresses from scratch in the past. So maybe try them out the next time you have a big party coming up?

Where: Shop No. 27, Ground Floor, M-Block Market, Greater Kailash 1

Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony

Contact: o11 29234592, 011 29232514

Price: Starting at INR 200 for basic length alteration

Featured Image Courtesy: ikatbag