This Video Taught Us 3 Cool Hacks To Open A Bottle Of Beer

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No bottle opener? No problem! For all of you who dutifully stock up on beer, but never remember about the darned opener, these three hacks could come to your rescue.

Open Up

Don’t we all just love unwinding with a bottle {or five} of chilled beer at the end of the day? But, what do you do when the much-needed opener is nowhere to be found and you’re left longingly staring at that bottle, waiting to start guzzling?

Fear not! Beer buddies will always come to the rescue. In this video, beer enthusiast, John Eapen from Tales of Froth has three glorious hacks {should you fail at one of them!} that are bound to come in handy. We love that they all use stuff you’ll have at home. Think another beer bottle {see, this will always be around, no?}, a spoon or even paper {yes, you read that right!}.