Knitty Nani: Hand-knit Woollen Goodies to Keep You Warm

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Knitty Nani is a venture by a 72-year-old nani from Delhi who makes woollen patchwork blankets, toys, mufflers, home accessories, and doggy-wear in bright, happy colours.

Nani knits best

Remember the good ol’ days when you’d go running around the garden on a sunny winter afternoon, and somewhere, not far from you, your beloved nani {or dadi} would be knitting a muffler, while keeping a strict eye you? While we await a time capsule to take us back to those days, Knitty Nani is here to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy with her woolly merchandise.

Some of our favourites from her collection {surprisingly} were baby products, which include an adorable gradient baby blanket and a baby sleeping bag. They even have some really nice patterned rugs, cushions, ottomans, and colourful toys, which are made using different varieties of wool, to bring out varying textures. Want something to keep yourself warm as well? Knitty Nani’s got you covered with mufflers, woollen booties, and crochet purses.

April wool

If you like a product, but you want it in a different colour or size, Knitty Nani will not disappoint. Better yet, if you have an entirely different idea for a muffler or blanket that’s not in her collection already, she’s up for a challenge; just give her at least a few weeks to source the wool and knit your desired product!

PS: If you know of nanis and dadis who are knit-savvy and have some time to kill, Knitty Nani will be happy to have them in her happy knitwork!