Head To This Cafe For Handcrafted Coffee & Super-Fresh Eats

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Reminiscent of a cosy mountain lodge, Coffee Bond’s second outlet in GK-I’s M-Block retains the brand’s love for full-bodied coffees, but serves it up in a larger, sunnier space.

Spilling The Beans

The absolute devotion to all things coffee is very evident in not just a line-up of mighty espressos and brews, but also because you can pick up some single-estate Indian beans for home-brewing on your way out. Also; all the equipment you might need is available, and even workshops one can sign up for to get more intimately involved with this heady, aromatic bean.

Coming to the coffee itself, a big shout-out for the Iced V60- an intense, almost smoky slow brewed coffee served on the rocks that slowly reveals its flavours as the ice starts to melt. For a warmer treat, we recommend the Flat White- a double shot of espresso with textured milk {balances the coffee, but doesn’t get heavy like typically a milky coffee does}, that is a comforting embrace in each sip.

Soul Food

With a penchant for fresh produce, exotic grains and healthy proteins, the food here is easy, flavourful and perfect to accompany your brews. Our favourites include a beautifully balanced Protein Salad that stars quinoa, roasted broccoli, cottage cheese, toasted peanuts and pumpkin seeds, and a perfect-to-share Pumpkin Pizza {yes!} that is stacked with roasted pumpkin, pesto and goat cheese, and finished off with a drizzle of EVOO. We also loved the Smashed Avocado, that’s beautifully ripened and served with warm bread and a green salad.

End your meal on a not-so-sweet note here: the Affogato Trifles layers crushed biscotti, cookies and ice-cream in an espresso shot- reminding us that coffee can make for just desserts too.

So, We’re Saying...

Savour the sun in the soothing wooden interiors of Coffee Bond as you sip on a fresh brew, and bite into an even fresher salad.


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