Cheers! This New Hangover-Prevention Pill Is Ayurvedic & Doctor-Approved

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Always worried about the painful hangover after a crazy night out with your friends? Try LIVitup, an Ayurvedic, FDA approved pill that may be the solution to your party problems.

Great For

Curing your hangover.

What Makes Them Awesome

We’re not the sorts to recommend pill-popping, but we couldn’t resist talking about Dr Vaidya’s LIVitup hangover cure pill. Each packet contains two capsules that are Ayurvedic hangover shields, which also double up as long-term liver protectors.As per the instructions, you’re supposed to pop the pill before consuming your first drink {or as told by your physician, so do check on that}. It essentially reduces alcohol conversion to acetaldehyde, thus preventing a hangover and any sort of future liver damage. Since this tablet is all-natural, safe and an Ayurvedic hangover cure with no side effects, we think this might just be worth a shot {but really, consult a doc if you’ve got queries}. It's priced at INR 80 per pack (two capsules). If you really want the works though, you can go for the Hangover Kit, it comes with an eye cool mask (this is the best for a headache and burning eyes), sachets of tea and coffee, gum and the pills in question.


Try out the pill if you're drinking on a weekday, the Hangover Kit will help you hit work clear-headed the next day.

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