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21 Bars & Restaurants Shut Down In HKV! Did Any Of Your Favourites Bear The Brunt?

    Hauz Khas Village {and our weekend plans} just suffered a mighty shockwave as 21 bars and restaurants were ordered to be shut down pertaining to a lack of proper licensing and approval under environmental laws. The water and power supply to the eateries was also terminated with immediate effect.

    Earlier this month, the restaurants were issued a warning in the form of a show-cause notice but the owners and restaurant authorities didn’t manage to respond to it. Multiple other violations that include running kitchens without installing a grease trap, running take away restaurant, and serving food in disposable plates were also spotted by the environmental laws committee of the national capital. The whole shut down scenario sprouted from a PIL {Public Interest Litigation} filed against the eateries for not having proper safety and fire hazard precautions in place and, upon conducting, only a handful passed the safety tests.

    The instantaneous sealing of the bars and restaurants has uprooted over 700 jobs and a silent protest to ‘Save HKV’ took place on Saturday. Here’s the list of the 21 restaurants that have been shut down:

    Welcome Point
    Wai Wai City
    ELF Cafe and Lounge
    Speedy Chef
    New York Slice
    Cafe High5
    Capsule by Pink Room
    Play @ 30
    Darjeeling Kitchen
    Food Factory
    The Big Burrp Theory
    Bombay Velvet
    Ali Baba Caves
    Wow! Momo
    Village Balcony
    Rehab Gastro
    The Frat House

    Any of your favourites on the list? What do your alternative weekend plans look like?

    We first read about this here.