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Have A Brew-tiful Day With Fresh Blends and Flavours From This New Coffee Roastery

Feeling depresso? Have an espresso! If you can wake up only to a piping cuppa Joe in the morning, and swear by it, then you must try out El Bueno Coffee Roasters. It’s like happiness in a cup - yep, we are looking at all the caffeinators in the house.

Team Coffee All The Way

If you fancy yourself a coffee connoisseur then adding this to your collection is going to make your point stronger. They’ve got beans roasted to perfection, all sourced from South Indian estates like Malleshwara Estate (Baba Budangiri), Attikan Estate (Biligiri hills), Savamalai Estate (Anamalai Hills) and also Tribal coffee from Araku Valley. 

Pro-caffeinators, Ahoy!

If you like your coffee cold, then you should definitely start with their cold brew to beat the summer heat. Love experimenting with different palates? They’ve got options in their single blends you could take your pick from - try the Jack and Chill if you think you’ll like lemongrass with hints of jackfruit in your coffee, or even Love Lot, Apricot with full of fruity notes with a touch of citrusy apricot. Got a sweet tooth? Give the Black-Jagg a definite try and let it take over your senses with flavours of black current and jaggery. They’ve got something called Bloom Bae! Which is quite an interesting combination of spicy flavours and floral tastes. You’d be surprised at how well they compliment each other. No wonder they are the perfect pick-me-up in the morning! 

So, We Are Saying…

All you need is coffee - if that’s your motto then bookmark these folks and order up so that you can earn that ultimate coffee connoisseur tag that you think you deserve. Do let us know which one you liked!