Have Sensitive Skin? Try This Brand’s All-Natural, Ayurvedic Products

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Mantra Herbal

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What Makes It Awesome

Mantra Herbal is brand that has been in the Ayurvedic beauty industry for quite a long time (almost a 100 years, to be precise). So you really can trust them to get safe, paraben-free skincare right. They've got skincare staples like face washes, moisturisers and face packs, hair care products including oil and gentle cleaners and even body washes and massage oils available on their online store.
We tried two of their products - The Gulab Arka Rose Water and the Cucumber and Aloe Skin Face Wash. The rose water feels highly refreshing and is the perfect face mist to help energise your skin after a long, hard day. We personally loved that it didn't sting like most gulab jal options available, and feels a lot lighter and natural, too. As for the Cucumber Aloe Face Wash - it’s again light, soothing, and not very harsh on the skin. The one thing that we've observed with most sensitive skincare products is that while they might be gentle, they don’t make our skin feel clean. However, this face wash manages to do so without drying our skin out.
We're not someone who can diligently follow a skincare routine (even though we love skincare products and reading up about them). However, we have made it a point to wash my face with the Cucumber Aloe Face Wash and to follow it up with a spritz of the rose water before going to bed daily (because it really is so easy!) So far, this has been working out very well as our skin feels softer and perhaps, looks a bit more radiant, too (hashtag humble brag).
Price: INR 250 onwards

What Could Be Better

For some reason, the Aloe and Cucumber Face Wash actually smells a lot like jasmine and sandalwood. While we do not mind the scent, folks who must’ve bought the product assuming that the scent might be somewhat similar to well, aloe and cucumber, might be disappointed.


While there's a slight delay in orders being dispatched, they're also including a free hand sanitiser in all packages over INR 999 and we all know how important those are to us now.

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