Experience Hawker-Style Dining At Chi Asian Cookhouse

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Bringing the best from their CP outlet and a whole lot of new and exciting additions, Chi Asian Cookhouse is now open in DLF Mall of India, with the same quirky decor that we’ve come to love.

Chow Down

Goi, Bibimbap

Sip On

Mango Wasabi, Green Apple Mint {both from the Chi Chewees}

Winning For

We all love Chi in CP for its spacious and quirky decor, and the same makes this place win big too. The food as usual is great, but what really won us over were the new additions to the menu.

Street Style Dining

The huge space here has been designed in a way that it gives you a hawkers market kinda vibe, while still sticking to the classic dining experience.

Dim Sum Baskets have been used as overhead lamps and the walls and menu use similar patterns. The bar too is adorned with mini cycles to add to the street hawker appeal, and you can spot some quirky quotes too.

Chewee, We’re Home

The menu here borrows from the existing menu at CP and adds a few more sections {each one of them being as good as the other}. Our favourite out of all the new stuff though were definitely the Chi Chewees {a mix of jelly and drinks which are quite similar to bubble tea}.

The Goi salad here is impressive and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Offerings from the kimbap and hawkers wok section are all equally good but the classic bibimbap still wins over with its mix of rice, egg, meat and greens.

End your meal with the coconut pancake and fried ice cream.

So, We’re Thinking…

When in Mall of India, make sure you visit this restaurant, and don’t wanna miss the Chi Chewees.


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