Popcorn Khichdi, Anyone? Head To Ek Bar If You Are Missing Desi Vibes

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What Makes It Awesome

From food to drinks, you can't resist anything on this menu. Yes, you can have it all.

From the Ek Bar kanji to the popcorn khichdi, everything is ohh-so-desi.

The jasmine and lavender tea infused cocktails are a must-try. Who thought teas could get you tipsy too?

The innovative presentation of the food and the drinks does take it up a notch.

What Could Be Better?

The desserts menu could have been more elaborated and not restricted to just halwas and few ice creams.

The homemade mango and coconut ice cream did sound interesting but could have been bang on had it not been extra sweet.

Anything Else?

Also try the potato and jalapeno tikki chaat for the starters followed by Belgian pork short ribs and the Ek Bar special mushroom and spinach thin-crust pizza. I promise you won't regret ordering any of these.

Events Coordinator @LBB