Head To Foxtrot For Some Fabulous Cocktails & Ghee Roast Tacos

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What Makes It Awesome

That it's a lovely, relaxed place with the OG Khan Market vibe (upscale, but chill). You'll find the space steeped in 'mood' lighting, with beautiful lamps set against the backdrop of eggshell-hued brick walls, with art that's been painted over mercilessly in bold bands of yellow and red. There's something old-worldly about certain elements of the decor, but at no point does the space seem dated. It's managed the balance between vintage and current without coming off as 'trying too hard'.

The cocktails are, of course, a big sell at Foxtrot. Some, the more classic ones, are simpler blends that taste phenomenal (their Strawberry Cosmopolitan springs to mind). The others are more experimental recipes that come with elaborate productions (try the Garden Fresh; gin, cucumber, mint and green apple).

And finally, the protagonist of this story—the food. There were several things worth trying. The cheeseballs, for starters (no pun intended), are heavy and rich, but equally filling and delicious. The Kashmiri-Inspired Chops With Radish Chutney are a bit tough, but have some wonderful flavours. Their Non-Veg Mezze platter is delightful (you'll find yourself asking for more hummus after wiping the bowl clean) and their tenderloin steak with pommes dauphinoise and jus is done to perfection. But the one thing I'd write home about is their ghee-roasted chicken tacos. A soft tortilla with a perfectly buttery-and-tangy filling of chicken, fried curry leaf and coconut, this small plate was something I would definitely go back for, many times over.

What Could Be Better

It's a bit dimly lit, but if that's the mood you're going for, you'll absolutely love it.

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