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Head To Wenger’s Deli For Delicious Hot Dogs, Waffles & More

Aditya posted on 02 June


Right next to the original Wenger’s is a quaint little joint run by the same people. The food is great, and the staff is super-friendly {plus it’s in CP}; what else can you ask for?

Chow Down

Nutella Waffle, Chicken Meatball Sandwich

Sip On

Silken Chocolate, Blueberry Smoothie

Winning For

The unmatched quality and service of the original Wenger’s. The prices don’t really feel too heavy either {unlike other places that offer similar food options}

Limited Dining

The only problem with this place is also the solution here. Wenger’s Deli can only seat about 10 – 12 people in one go, and as much as that is a limitation, it also keeps the area comparatively quiet {perfect for conversations}. The seating isn’t too comfortable, but it is bearable.

So Deli{cious}

The menu offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, waffles, beverages and more {and all at nominal prices}. We stuffed ourselves with the chicken and cheese panini, chicken lasagne, fish & chips, chicken meatball sandwich and the Cajun spice hotdog, and absolutely loved everything {the chicken meatball sandwich was the most satisfying though}.

While you gorge on all the delicious food, we would recommend you try the Silken Chocolate Shake or the blueberry smoothie. The apple pie and the chocolate cake are safe bets from the dessert menu, and are extremely satisfying even after a heavy meal.

So, We’re Thinking…

With great reputation comes great responsibility! And Wenger’s Deli manages to deliver. Even patrons of the original will like this.

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