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Headed To Pushkar? Unwind At These 8 Pretty Cafes During Your Stay

    With the heat catching up, this is probably the best time to plan a trip to Pushkar before the temperatures begin soaring and we turn into burnt toast. The hippie city has a number of exciting cafes and hotels for tourists to try out. So, if you’re planning a trip there, we’ve listed a bunch of pretty cafes you can hit up during your visit to enjoy some good food, and meet some fellow travelers.

    Pink Floyd Cafe And Hotel

    This pretty cafe for all you Pink Floyd fans out there is dedicated to the rock band so much that even their rooms are named after their past albums. If you’re looking for a place to stay, this place works out pretty well location-wise; it’s in the main city and easily accessible. You get to enjoy your meal with a slice of the gorgeous view of the Pushkar lake from their terrace. The food is pretty decent, but what you want to try is their special lassi.

    The Funky Monkey Cafe

    This cute, little cafe boasts of some truly delicious food. Don’t be fooled by their size, these guys are killing it with their excellent food. Located right next to Mahadev Chowk, it’s easily accessible and convenient for a quick bite. Their special desserts are something you should try; we hear their ‘Welcome To Paradise’ pudding is divine. Their do some excellent coffee, pizzas and Nutella pancakes. We recommend you go here for brunch.

    Cafe Lake View

    Once you’re done with all your sightseeing, sit down and grab a bite at Cafe Lake View. As the name suggests, the cafe offers a fantastic view of the Pushkar lake, so you get to enjoy a peaceful meal while watching that famous, Pushkar sunset. Vegetarians – they have you sorted, their menu has plenty of options like cashewnut curry, potato salad and pizzas. Don’t miss out on their delicious desserts.

    The Laughing Buddha Cafe

    French-press coffee, an organic menu with vegan options and freshly-baked bread. The Laughing Buddha Cafe is bright and colourful, with graffiti all over the walls and steps. They’re known for their delicious breakfast options, try their muesli, yogurt and fruit bowl. They have plenty of delicious snacks like cheese pakoras, vegetarian burgers, salads and more. They even do their own peanut butter and banana bread, that’s something you should try out.

    Desert Rose Cafe

    They do amazing, wood-fired pizzas, fresh waffles and filling sandwiches. Located in Gulaab Niwas, this cafe has a beautifully designed garden and a view of the hotel’s pool. We hear they do some incredible coffee, so if you’re looking for some fresh java and delicious pizzas {they use vegetables from their own garden in their pizzas}. It’s got vintage interiors and soft jazz playing in the background; definitely a spot you should check out in the city.

    Honey & Spice

    They do affordable, healthy meals, so if you’re in the mood for some fresh salads and juices, they’re your best bet. They also do good tofu steaks, brown rice and some stellar brownies {you’re on vacation, you can indulge in a treat or two}. They have a variety of different, flavoured teas, so if you’re a tea lover, try their turmeric and black pepper tea and their cinnamon ginger tea.

    Nirvana Cafe

    This gem of a cafe in Pushkar is a great place to meet fellow travelers and enjoy some good food and conversation. This hipster cafe is cosy and cute, they have some really trippy neon paintings all over their walls. Sit on their rooftop, and enjoy the view of the city while enjoying their Israeli food or fresh, cheesy pizzas.

    Laura's Cafe

    Hit up Laura’s Cafe for a beer and some fresh food. They have a multi-cuisine menu with a variety of interesting options {their Spanish food is particularly good}, we recommend their fresh tortillas, vegetarian coconut curry and fresh crepes. Vegetarians should definitely try their famous eggplant sandwich. They also do great coffee; we recommend you go here for a nice breakfast.