This Skincare Brand Uses Healing Clay Blends To Get Rid Of Acne

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Healing Clay Blends

What Makes It Awesome

What’s the definition of a vicious cycle? First you stress, then you get breakouts, then you stress over the breakouts and then you get… more breakouts. To escape this, Healing Clay Blends, an online-only skincare label, uses clays in their products to reduce acne and a bunch of other skincare concerns. The clay-based line comes in scrubs, powders, masks and some soaps, too. 

They use a few different types of clays for the products like pink clay, sea clay but their OG is the red clay face mask that’s still their best seller. The masks are ideal for those of us with acne-prone and oily skin but it also helps skin that’s irritated. The pink clay brightening mask is good for dry skin types that still have to deal with acne. The chocolate soap and coffee body scrub are a pretty good exfoliating and moisturising combo to try out. 

If you’re more into floral scents, they have some rose-based formulas like the rose soap, lip butter, mask and body cream. Their sole hair product, a repairing mask, is a mix of a lot of different hair oils and its pretty multipurpose considering it can be used on your hands and feet, too. 

Price: INR 150 onwards 

What Could Be Better

The products are mostly suitable for those with acne-prone skin so if you don’t deal with acne, I’m jealous, but also you probably won’t be as excited about their products as I was. 


They have some multipacks so you can try out a few different products and save money while you’re at it, plus, some of the products have multiple uses so even if it doesn’t work for your face, maybe it’ll be just what your dry hands needed? 


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