Low-Cal Pancakes? This Gurgaon Outlet Makes It Easy To Be Healthy

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If you have trouble finding healthy but delicious food options, you’re going to love this new delivery outlet in Gurgaon. Health Nuts is making it easy to stick to those clean-eating resolutions by sending yummy, but low-cal, meals.

If It Fits Your Macros

Health Nuts  is quite aptly named, for it delivers affordable, healthy and fresh food that is perfect for everyone who is looking to make healthier food choices. Calorie-counters and macro-maniacs are especially going to love ordering from here! The menu has a clear break down of macros, so we can easily track our meals and the fact that the taste is 10/10 makes our non-cheat days a little happier.

What We Loved

Who says you can’t enjoy pancakes when you’re trying to eat healthy? Start your day on a high note with their Oatmeal Pancakes, served with fresh cut fruits and some blueberry sauce. We also loved the Chicken Powerhouse, which is great if you’re following a high protein diet {51 gms of protein in one portion!}. Since their mains are customisable, we opted for quinoa with this and it paired brilliantly with the marinara sauce.

Pick your detox-friendly, cold-pressed juice depending on the health and skin benefits you’re looking for. We opted for Glow, which is a mix of coconut water, cucumber, aloe vera and kale, which is also super refreshing on hot, summer days..  If you’re looking for something more filling, we suggest you try their shakes and smoothies! The Choco Oatmeal smoothie is power-packed with honey, banana, granola, chocolate, sunflower seeds and Greek yogurt.

PS: They know the ‘whey’ to the gym goer’s heart; you can add a scoop of protein powder to their parfaits and you have an awesome post-workout snack!

So, We're Saying...

They have quite the menu which means we’re not going to be bored with this place anytime soon.


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