Delhiites, This Restaurant In Aerocity Is Where You Need To Be To Eat Healthy

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What Makes It Awesome

Trying to stay on a low carb, high protein diet is especially hard on the weekends. But with a little bit of effort & armed with a bit of knowledge it's definitely possible.

We went to AnnaMaya in the swanky Andaz Hotel recently & tried their yummy menu. Eating local was possible & our time was also well spent with the freshly grown, sustainability acquired produces.

We tried the smoked salmon, grilled the tartine, avocado & microgreens sandwich. It was the perfect blend of freshness, protein, micro greens & just the right amount of carbs for lunch! {Also helped that it was an open sandwich}

Their char roast pork belly was delicious, meaty & filled with flavour! Albeit not for the strict weight watchers, but healthy enough, if you avoid the deep fried onions that come with it.

What Could Be Better?

I found out after my meal that their produce is mostly organic and grown in-house. Also, they've some amazing sustainably grown products that provide employment to rural women. Having enough of this information upon entering would be an excellent thing!

What's My Pro Tip?

Need to grab low fat food? Skip mayo in your sandwiches! Also, opt for greens instead of the fried onions.

Anything Else?

Do try their wine collection & their desserts also looked delicious, we didn't try any, though. If you're hungrier, sign up for the buffet lunches! The best part about the place is that it's open 24 hours! Costs are a bit pricey, specially for the salmon sandwich at INR 920.

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