Low-Cal Lunch Options To Make Diets Suck A Little Less

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Weight watchers, hands up if finding a meal that’s both nutritious, tasty and filling feels like too much work. It’s especially difficult to stick to your diet plan when your colleagues are unboxing their burgers, rolls and chowmein.

We feel you and so, we took the guesswork out of your next meal and found the best healthy lunches to order this week. All 400 calories or less, all super delicious.

Khow Suey {With Cold-Pressed Juice} From Zoe

Or one of their salad jars – they’re pretty as a picture and filling, too.

Place your order here.

Calorie Counter: While they don’t specify the calories, they’re completely focused on health and eating well.

Price: INR 420


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