Try Amazing 7-Course Meals At Home By This Masterchef India's Finalist

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What Makes It Awesome

Enjoying a 7-course delicious meal in the comfort of your home sounds like a dream - I mean it does to me; which is why when I discovered hearth & I, I was way too excited to try out their menu.

Hearth & i is an online premium dining service by Chef Megha Jhunjunwala who does delicious and extensive 3-7 course meals with freshest of ingredients. A Masterchef India finalist and former chef at Indigo Deli, Hearth & I was started by the Chef in the year 2010. With this, she wanted to revolutionise the way people eat food at home and she has done exactly that. Her menu consists of Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern cuisines along with mouth-watering patisserie options.

I picked out a 7-course meal that consisted of: Ratatouille(amuse bouche), Stracciatella, beans, cherry, and lamb(salad), asparagus, leek, and onion(soup), portobello, ravioli, morel, and gruyere(as entree), apple, beetroot, celery, mint, and walnut(palette cleanser), chicken, roasted garlic, potato, and halloumi(the prime plate), and on the dessert we had their Prelude to St. Honore.

If you ask us which one's the best, then you might just put us in the difficult spot because everything was top-notch. Each and every course was special in its own way and the flavour combinations along with the cooking method perfectly suited out palette. 

Oh, Hearth & I also does DIY Kits that come along with special plating ideas and personalised menus so if you have any special occasion coming up, you could think about her or you are just desperately waiting for Covid times to end (like all of us are) then I suggest you to bookmark this right away!


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