Hearty Bengali Meals At Annapurna Hotel

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CR Park is a haven for authentic Bengali food, and Annapurna Hotel is the perfect spot for a hearty meal in Market 1.

Chow Down

Ilish Paturi, Kosha Mangsho

Winning For

There might be many places for a great Bengali meal in CR Park, but this one serves some dishes that are just worth every penny you spend. Service is a winner here, as they’re not only fast, but also very helpful {which really helps if you know nothing about the cuisine}.

Winning The Market

This joint, situated right in the middle of Market 1, might have some competition from its equally popular neighbours, but it stands out for its special meals and individual offerings. The ambience doesn’t offer much, as it’s a small place with just a few seats, but the experience of dining here is enough to keep you coming back. They’re pretty good with delivery too.

Bangla Binge

Not only is the food worth dying for, it also comes in generous portions, and a little extra is never a problem. Ingredients used here are sourced right from Kolkata {or from local spice markets that sell authentic offerings}.

I’m a huge fan of Bengali cuisine, and this place has always been a favourite {so excuse me if I go overboard with all the lovin’}. I’ve tried almost all they have to offer here, but two things you must go for are the Ilish Paturi {hilsa fish marinated in mustard and steamed in banana leaves} and Kosha Mangsho {spicy Bengali mutton curry}. While the Kosha Mangsho is much like the curries we have here, it does have its own character; the Ilish Paturi, on the other hand, combines the delicious hilsa fish {my favourite} with kashundi {a pungent and sharp Bengali mustard} to create magic.

The Meal Deal

The Annapurna special Bengali dishes section on the menu offers complete meals with various options like pabda, hilsa and rui fish, chicken, and mutton {they have a vegetarian option too}. Each meal comes with basmati rice, dal, sabzi, papad and chutney, and you can always ask for a little more.

For people who would still like to visit a Bengali restaurant in a Bengali locality and have their staple north Indian meal, they also offer thalis with dal makhani, mutton and tandoori chicken.  

So, We’re Thinking…

When in CR Park, do visit this restaurant, and we’re sure you’ll be going back satiated. If you get inspired enough to try cooking your own version of these dishes, shops nearby sell the required spices and mixtures, and you can even pick up fresh fish available in the market.


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