Beat The Heat: 5 Ways To Help Keep Your Pet Cool & Comfortable This Summer

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Summer is already kicking in full swing,and needless to say your furry friends will start feeling the heat sooner than you’ll know. So, while you must make sure they have a cool, shaded room to lounge in during the hot days, here’s what else you can to mitigate the impact of a super-hot summer, and keep them comfortable.


Grooming And Pet Spas

An effective way of relieving your dog of the summer heat is to take them for regular grooming sessions and trimming their coat-only if necessary. If your dog’s coat is especially long, trimming it will help instead of completely shaving it off. It helps pet parents maintain their coats, more than anything. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not strictly advisable to shave off your dogs coat in summer, as their coats are protective layers that safeguard them from sunburns and heat strokes. You can take them to the Heads Up For Tails Salon & Spa in Delhi, if you’re a Gurgaon resident, try Flying Fur, Critterati and Scoopy Scrub.



Rub Them Down With Wet Wipes

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Since it’s neither possible {nor advisable} to bathe your dog multiple times in a week, occasional wet-wipe sponging followed by thorough drying and brushing  can also be a good way to remove dirt and keep your dog cool. This is a good substitute for a bath, and rids your pet of excess heat, sweat and bad odour, and leaves them feeling cooler. You can order them here.


Give Them A Good Brushing

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Brushing your dog’s coat isn’t something you should do after a bath. It becomes even more necessary for you to brush your dog in this weather, as it helps improve their blood circulation and aids in temperature control. It also helps them shed dead hair, making your dog feel lighter and more active. So, make sure you invest in a good brush and give your dog a thorough brushing everyday. You can order one here.



Include Liquids In Their Diet

To ensure pets are well-hydrated during summer, it is advisable that you moisten their food and include healthy liquids in their diet. These include beverages like coconut water and home-made chaach in small proportions, every now and then.

Take Them Swimming

If your dog is comfortable with and exposed to swimming, nothing beats a good swim session, and some fun splashing around in a pool. There are many, pet-exclusive pools in Delhi NCR that are hygienic and safe for your pet.There are also some places that will allow you to enter the pool with your pet to supervise them, and ensure they feel secure. You can try Cafe Canine, Canine Elite, Alfa 11 in Delhi and Off The Leash in Gurgaon.


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