Only The Freshest Ingredients Go Into This Brand’s Skincare Products

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Herb Island

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What Makes It Awesome

Originally a project that started in Australia, the founders, Jay and Karishma, brought Herb Island to India to share their fresh, plant-based skincare range as a sustainable and chemical-free alternative. From shampoos and serums to face masks and moisturisers, they’ve got products for almost every skin type, dry, oily and everything in between, even if it’s super sensitive. 

If you’re looking for a new face wash, they’ve got a bunch of options like the Fruit Fusion for bright skin (that also smells yum!), Tamarind Cleansing Milk to clear out clogged pores, and the French Green Clay for oil control and a Vitamin C face wash, too. Their Ayurvedic Therapy Hair Oil is awesome if you need to catch up on some ZZZs and the Garlic, Macadamia & Rice Water Lotion is the dream product for hair growth.

They’ve also got some all-natural shampoos and body washes (forest berries and exotic flowers smell the best!), toners and lotions worth checking out!

Price: INR 299 onwards

What Could Be Better

Their scrub section was empty so I’m going to keep a lookout for them to add some super fresh body scrubs soon. 


They have free shipping on all orders over INR 500 so it’s worth trying out one of their recommended face washes and hair oils to get free shipping. 


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