Here are our Top 5 Picks From Forest Essentials This Winter

    There’s never a time you should skimp on your skincare regime, and the chilly Delhi winters do demand a little bit of extra love and attention. We have many fans of Forest Essentials back here at the LBB headquarters, so who’d be better than us to give you our top recommendations for this season? Oh, and if the thought of heading outdoors in this weather gives you the chills, the Forest Essentials website just got a makeover, so we suggest you get under the blankets and start adding to that cart!

    Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm

    This lip balm’s got rose petals that have been soaked in honey to give your chapped lips that extra kick of moisture. It’s totally light-weight and gives a nice sheen when worn over a matte lipstick. Price: INR 595 Shop here.

    Intensive Eye Cream with Anise

    We’ve had our hits and misses when it comes to eye creams, and this one doesn’t do wonders within the first few applications. But the texture is lovely, and if you’re a bit patient {give it a month, at least}, you should be able to see fewer lines around your eyes and your dark circles reduced. Price: INR 2,200 Shop here.

    Lightening & Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion

    If you can get past the strong initial whiff of ghee this emulsion gives off, there are many benefits you can enjoy. It’s known to have worked wonders for people with acne scars, pigmentation, and dull skin. Price: INR 2,275 Shop here.

    Soundarya Advanced Serum with 24 Karat Gold

    The ingredient list of this serum includes sesame seed oil, ghee, sweet almond oil, turmeric, saffron infusion, and 24 karat gold. Gold, for real! Price: INR 3,395 Shop here.

    Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi

    This night cream is based on an ancient formulation {from the 17th century!} and has got a very luxurious texture. Since this is on the expensive side, we’d recommend you invest in it if you have an important event to prep your skin for in the near future. Price: INR 3,600 Shop here. Where: Find a complete list of stores here. Or shop online here. Read the Forest Essentials blog here. Follow Forest Essentials on Facebook here and on Instagram here.