Here's Why A Tasting Menu At Honk Is The Best Deal that you can ever score!

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What Makes It Awesome

When you dine at a luxe fine dining restaurant it's always a good idea to choose a tasting menu. The portions are just perfect and you get to try a lot more than you would with a dish or two. Honk is the Asian restaurant at Pullman and they serve the finest dim sums in town. Try the Inception tasting menu and dig into their signature California crab roll with a side of chicken and black sauce dim sums, the skin is perfect and the sushi is on point.

For mains, we tried the ma po tofu with shiitake and aged chili paste, all beautifully absorbed by the tofu. For sides we had the Honk's own stir fried noodles, what we liked to call, street side chic! And a dessert of three of their signature ice creams. And all this for INR 2250 per person!

What Could Be Better?

When it comes to fine dining restaurants like Honk it's hard to pick on a single niggle, the service is perfect, the food is well thought out and the ambiance is ideal for a special day with a special someone.

What's My Pro Tip?

Honk serves two wines made especially for Pullman, we loved the white, ideal for the season. But we're more cocktail people and it's best to start and finish with those.

Anything Else?

They also have two other tasting menus, Celebration and Innovation, both are expensive and elegant so depending on your budget and appetite you can choose accordingly! The a la carte menu is impressive, with an emphasis on sushi and dim sums and an influence from across the Asian region! So if you decide to order individual dishes then pay extra attention to the Thai and Singapore specials!

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