Here’s Why Delhi Women Should be Concerned about Bone Health

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Our love for Delhi knows no bounds, a fact that comes across quite clearly whenever Delhi’s compared to cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore {Mumbai mostly}. While coming to the city’s defence for the right things is commendable, it doesn’t change the fact that our city faces its fair share of problems that are often sidelined, but do need to be addressed.

We’re talking about bone health. In women in particular.

Let’s look at some facts that will help you understand the problem better, so that us Delhiwallas can do our bit to get healthier. And just so you know, you’re going to need more than just milk to get bone strong.

Weak in the Knees

Bone density loss affects older folks more, sure, but it is a condition that women need to be taking care of very early in their lives – if not in their youth, at least in their 30’s, which is when the bone renewal process plunges sharply. Why women in particular? Because women tend to accumulate less skeletal mass than men do while they’re growing. It’s not just that though; the deficiency of estrogen {the female hormone} leads to bones becoming even more fragile.

All this basically means that women are more susceptible to bone fractures. And that is just one of the short-term effects; if bone health isn’t addressed soon enough, it can even lead some major bone-related complications. Not cool.

How do I Become Bone Strong?

Thankfully, bone density loss is one of those things that can be avoided. And like most things that are health-related, it’s all about what you consume. Yep, we’re talking about milk, or any calcium rich food really, so it can be dairy products, green leafy vegetables, or dried beans. And while you’re taking your calcium, don’t forget your Vitamin D {which comes from fatty fish, egg yolk, liver, and sunlight!}, which is essentially what is going to help you absorb all of that calcium.

Apart from these, it’s really important to get some good exercise; while exercise in general is good for you, when it comes to bone health, the focus needs to be on weight-bearing exercises such as dancing and stair climbing, and muscle-strengthening exercises like weight lifting. If high impact exercises are not your scene, try some yoga, Pilates, or even Tai Chi.

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