Hidesign Launches Their First Line of Shoes!

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Anyone who’s heard the name Hidesign, knows it’s synonymous with finely crafted and finished leather goods, from that stunning tote, to the slick wallet. They’ve thrown in sunglasses and belts in for good measure, all fairly important accessories. As they say, change is inevitable, and not all of it is bad, a statement we’re completely onboard with in the face of Hidesign launching its own line of shoes.

This one is for the men, folks, so if you’re one, get excited. With 35 years of craftsmanship backing them, their newly launched men’s line will be every bit as good as you expect it to be. Their leather is obtained via means of vegetable tanning, which is healthier than chrome tanning for your feet. Consequently, all the shoes are leather-lined, which is rare in itself. They’ll allow your feet to breathe, while dressing them to the nines, of course. It will shortly be followed by a womenswear collection, so we’re not too disappointed.

Always one for versatility, the collection features formal tie-ups, along with semi-formal/ casual moccasins, boat shoes as well as washed-out sneakers {in leather} for men. The women’s collection will feature wedges, sandals and classy evening pieces. Besides, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again- leather never goes out of style.

Find the collection online, here, and here.

They also have it in all of their retail stores in the city.


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