Hit Up Kala Ghoda Records For Records From Across Decades!

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What Makes It Awesome

I recently discovered Kala Ghoda Records, and absolutely loved my experience buying records from them... rather him- him being Deepak Dewan who runs kala Ghoda Records as a passion project. He usually retails his records through pop-ups (follow them on Instagram to get a heads-up), but was nice enough to let me hop over to his house which doubles as his store of sorts to browse and shop for records.

First off, his passion for all things music and LPs is infectious! We told him music genres we're interested in (jazz, soul, a little bit of rock) and a few artist references as well, and he gave us plenty of options to choose from! He has all the old school hits like CSNY, Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Neil Young, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode... And I think close to 5000 records to choose from!

The records are priced similar to New Gramophone House (the other spot I buy records from), so in between INR 1500- 4/5000 depending on the record and artist.

Have a look at my loot, and if you're looking for records I'd recommend Kala Ghoda!


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