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ball pack side table

I've bought a bunch of things from Studio Objectry in the past- including lamps and planters. Their products, all wooden and well made, make for pretty great accent pieces. I recently bought their 'ball pack' side table; the name of the product aside, this table is super well crafted, and not as chunky as I thought it would be.

I think the finish is fabulous, and it's nice and sturdy- I have 2 hyper dogs at home, and need furniture that can last their excitement 😂 It's a super unique design, and different from the usual side tables I've seen on other websites. It's also pretty well priced at close to INR 6k (as someone who buys furniture reasonably often, I rarely come across well crafted side tables that are under 8-12k unless of course you go to a local market).

They deliver pan India but I got it picked up from their workshop in Ghitorni!

Happy shopping 🎉🎉🎉


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