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Hitchhikers' Guide | Tripda Launches in India

Aditi posted on 25th November

By Aditi Datta

Douglas Adams got ethereal, Clark Gable got schooled. But hey, they managed to hitch a ride! Our attempts at hitchhiking are relatively paltry - limited to family and co-workers, laced with apprehension, and usually bordering on silent pleading. So, we're happy to know that Tripda just brought us another way to go from Point A to wherever we need to be.

A carpooling app that launched in Brazil, and is up and running both in Brazil and South East Asia, Tripda allows you to enter your departure and arrival points, on the day that you need to travel, and shows you who's got a seat or three to spare. People offering a ride set the time they will be traveling - if it works for you and your destination is en route, book a ride, hop in, pay in cash, hop off! Simple.

You can pick the type of ride you want {air conditioned, power locked doors, and even leather seats!} to help filter the choices. You can click on your ride's profile, see their Facebook network, the kind of car they have, and ratings given by other carpoolers. To the relief of worried minds, there's even a Ladies Only option.

We love that drivers have the ability to indicate if they are willing to make a detour, and how much flexibility there is in departure time. Because driving conditions maketh the ride, they can indicate whether or not they like to chat, if you can smoke or not, whether you can bring a pet or not, if you're free to eat in the car or not, and what kind of music they have playing in the car!

We love that Tripda makes it quite simple to be green. For days when the ride to the Metro station in itself feels like a hike, and we slowly realise that our Uber bills far exceed any other kind of spend on our credit cards, we're calling shotgun!

And if you happen to be going our way, it might be nice to cruise together. In silence. Without smoking.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Tripda offers a convenient, eco-friendly and economical way to travel, by pairing those without cars up with those with cars, and headed in the same direction.

For more information, click here. 

Prices: As an example - rides from Gurgaon to Chatarpur are available for INR 50 on average.

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