The Only 5 Things You Need For A Killer Workout At Home

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We’ve all been to the gym. Whether it was to train for the half marathon or taking a wrong turn while looking for the hotel spa, we’ve all been there. If all the heavy machinery and equipment seems a little too much and the prospect of being around people makes you sweat before you’ve even stepped on the treadmill, home workouts are perfect for you.

But what about all the fancy machinery, you ask? Well, you don’t need them. Not all of them anyway. You need only five, which are super versatile and will give you a well-rounded workout.


Yes, you require dumbbells to get a good upper body workout {shoulders, biceps, triceps}, but combine them with lunges, squats, and deadlifts, you’ve got your lower body strength sorted too. These are extremely essential on your journey to fitness {yes, weight loss as well}, so keep at least two sets at home and go from lighter to heavier weight as your strength improves over time.

Two-three kg is good if you’re just starting out.

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Skipping Rope

A skipping rope’s a great option if you’re short on space and need your cardio fix for the day. Not only is it a good calorie burner, it improves your balance and agility as well. If you don’t have time for a 45-minute run, a 10-minute session of skipping will give you the same health benefits!

Plus, it comes quite cheap and can be taken wherever you’re going. Make sure you wear a pair of good sports shoes {and a sports bra with good support, ladies}.

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Pull-Up Bar

Remember those bars/rods over door frames your parents used to make you hang from, to boost height? Yeah, so they’re called pull-up bars and have a great deal of benefits. Perhaps one of the toughest workouts you can do, a pull-up works a number of large muscle groups all at once {back, shoulders, arms}.

From wide group, narrow grip, and reverse grip, there are many variations this humble equipment lets you experiment with.

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Ab Roller

The ab roller is great if you want to work multiple muscle groups at the same time—so you really get bang for your buck. So much so that while crunches work only on your abdominal muscles and obliques, each rep of ab rollout workout works nearly 20 muscles {including your upper body as well}.

Put your knees on the foam pad, and roll away from the knees with a strong, tight core {exhale as you go} and inhale as you come back to your original position.

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Yoga Mat

Too much focus on heavy duty workouts and not enough on stretching can prove detrimental, especially since you can end up injuring yourself from working out too much and too hard. Replace one of your intense workouts with mat exercises which includes plenty of stretching—through yoga and Pilates.

Choose one with a good grip so that you can hold your downward dog and warrior poses for long without slipping and sliding.

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