What's Buzzing? These Single-Serve Honey Twigs Are Sweet Saviours From A Sticky Mess

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Honey Twigs

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What Makes It Awesome

Honey has tons of benefits - it’s a healthier alternative to regular sugar, it’s soothing when your throat hurts, it’s even good for your skin! So while we’ve been putting it in our daily green tea and eating it with fruits, every time we open a jar, it’s just a sticky mess waiting to happen. So we set out googling for a neater way to eat honey and we found Honey Twigs! They’re single-serve honey packs that we ordered online and all you have to do is rip one open. Seriously, that’s it. 

We went a little honey-crazy trying these twigs with a LOT of different things. Our personal favourite was definitely the Vanilla Infused Honey that we added to our banana-mango smoothie with tons of ice that was the perfect way to beat the heat. We also tried the regular honey on top of toast with peanut butter and put the rest of it straight into our green tea, no wastage necessary! Other than these being super easy to consume, the best part of their honey twigs is that they’re free from any chemicals or preservatives; the natural honey has literally one ingredient (honey, duh) and the spiced ones have two- the honey and the spice. 

Price: INR 70 onwards


If you’re someone who loves making fancy coffees at home, put a cinnamon honey twig in your regular latte for a killer coffee that tastes like you bought it at Starbucks. 


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